Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm back!

I checked my blog this morning to find that it was no longer available! What?! I discovered that I had been flagged as a "spam blog" by Google's blog checker. I suspect I got flagged because of my JDRF solicitations, and perhaps since I haven't posted in a while? I don't know. After about 8 hours, my blog was restored.

In other news, I am planning to do the Big Kahuna Triathlon on Sept 9 and of course the JDRF ride on Sept 22 in Montana. Other than that, I am trying to sleep and rest more. Last night, we practiced swimming into the surf at Baker Beach in San Francisco. The waves there are big (well, not Hawaii big but big for me!) My goggles got knocked off once but at least, now, I know I will survive BK if there happens to be a bit of surf in the morning. Right before we dove in, we saw a seal swimming around. Or maybe it was a sea lion. I was perturbed but forgot immediately about the little (or big?) guy once I started focusing on surviving the waves. You should have seen me running out of the water, looking back at the monster waves that were hoping to knock me down.

I am also trying to coordinate some studies with some investigators from Israel to learn more about SIPE. We are trying to spread awareness, especially within the triathlon and open water swimming community, about this potentially life-threatening condition.