Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Over the past 7-8 months, riding my bike daily has taken on a new meaning--mostly because I have been riding for two!  My husband and I found out in mid-January that we were expecting our first child together this September 21st.  I have to add, that September 21 (1988) is also the date I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I guess I needed to have a happier occasion to celebrate on this day (aside from the fact that it also my wonderful aunt-in-law Ceil's birthday on this date!).  It has been quite an adventure--I have written more about it on my previously super secret blog here.  Eventually I will wrap that blog into this one; I started it as a private blog when I wasn't ready to spill the beans quite yet, but still wanted to share with my family and to keep a journal of sorts.

I recently was in a bike accident that has put my riding on hold until after the baby is born, when surely I will have all the time and energy to get back out there, right? right?  Anyway, that's the plan; I may start out with the jogging stroller first.  If I had to say one thing I have learned being pregnant with type 1 diabetes, it is that I can actually keep my BGs in a much tighter range than I ever thought was possible.  And the second lesson would be that pregnancy does crazy things to a woman's metabolism!