Saturday, December 24, 2005

Snow report: Alta

I went skiing again at Alta today, and the conditions were much improved. Today was sunny & warm without any noticeable wind. Also, the snow conditions were better; most runs were packed powder with plenty of loose, soft snow. Also, there was fresh powder to be found in the bowls, which were opened today after being closed yesterday. I could still hear the gunshots being fired for avalanche control, and could see where they had brought down some small avalanches yesterday.

I did go through one of the gates off of Supreme (East Devil's Castle I think) and found myself in a precarious position. I unwittingly followed some tracks that led to a rocky ledge (i.e., cliff!) and had to remove my skis, turn them around, climb back onto them after sinking in the powder, and then ski down along a ridge into a thick clump of pine trees. I was wishing I had a helmet! After picking my way through a chute, I was out in the open, and enjoyed making new tracks in the powdery hills. I was relieved to pop back out onto the main trail.

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