Monday, May 08, 2006

Wildflower Triathlon, Long Course 2006

Last weekend, I went down to compete in the Wildflower triathlons. Saturday, I did the bike leg in a relay for the long course, which turned out to be quite challenging. I had a bit of difficultly with my blood sugars around mile 30, which really sapped my energy for the rest of the hilly ride. But I finally made it in a slow time of 3:51. After that sad performance, I decided to go ahead and race the next day in the Olympic course, which went much better. I managed to keep my blood sugars stable throughout the race and even enjoyed myself a bit. I had decided not to worry too much about my time and just enjoy the day.
This picture shows the transition area of the long course race. You can see the swim course as well; competitors race in a clockwise direction around the buoys. It is farther than it looks!

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