Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let the training begin!

Training for Ironman Couer d'Alene (aka IMCDA) has officially begun. I am keeping my diet in check using nutridiary.com and planning and logging my training with trainingpeaks.com--both are excellent sites. I am also working with a local triathlon club that is offering a group training program, so I will get to know a bunch of other people training for this race. The general schedule is swimming 3-4 times per week, riding 3 times per week, running 3 times per week, and doing some weight training 2-3 times per week. Let's see, I guess that adds up to 11-13 workouts per week! It's good that I enjoy these sports! Sometimes, a short run might be tagged onto the end of a ride, which is called a "brick" workout. The idea here is to train your legs how to make the switch from cycling to running. Along the way, I will also venture to race 2 half-ironman triathlons--one in March and one in May.

I wish I had a handy tool for compiling all of my diabetes info. It would be especially useful if I could plot BG's, insulin, and food intake right alongside the exercise info. I have done this by hand in the past, but it is time-consuming and doesn't give me the sort of graphs that would be most helpful. If anyone has a solution, please chime in!

I just wish the weather would warm up here. I hate to sound like a whiny Californian, but it is really cold. When the temp's fall below 40 and there is a cold wind coming off of the ocean, it makes for a nippy ride on the bike! (I guess I should be grateful I can still ride my bike in January, though, right?)


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Don't you know about Kevin's WONDERFUL logsheets? Check them out at http://parenthetic-diabetic.blogspot.com/ . You can put all this info into his logsheet. I have been using them since October 2006 and I have gotten my HbA1c to 5.2%. I thank HIM for that!

Anne said...

Thanks, Chrissie! I'll send him an email and try it out.

Shannon said...


I'm doing a triathlon too!! Albeit a Sprint. It's my first, so I figured I'd start small :) I log my training at beginnertriathlete.com.

Good luck with your training!