Monday, February 19, 2007

JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes

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So after who-knows how many hours of training and competing for various running, cycling, and triathlon events, I decided that I ought to put some of those hours towards a good cause. I was trying to figure out how I could combine my Ironman training efforts with fund-raising for JDRF; in the end, though, I decided that it would be best to do the fund-raising through one of JDRF's official rides.

Early this morning, I signed up for the September 2007 ride in Whitefish, Montana. I will be covering the 100-mile, very hilly route! My goal is to raise at least $5000 for the ride; $4000 is the minimum, but I hope to raise even more than that.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is one of the most efficient charities out there and was featured in Forbes magazine back in 3/2005 (unfortunately, no longer available for free viewing online) as one of their top-rated charities. More than 80% of funds raised go directly to research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. People with type 2 also have benefited and will undoubtedly benefit in the future from JDRF-sponsored research. But, the primary focus is to cure type 1. Additionally, the JDRF is supporting research to develop an artificial pancreas, which would combine CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) and pump therapies in a closed-loop system. This would allow type 1's to ease up on the constant vigilance they must have with the disease, and would lead to improved A1c's and, thus, reduced complications (as shown in the DCCT).

My attitude towards diabetes is one of optimism, that diabetes will not stop me from reaching my goals. Still, I have seen first-hand, in my life and others' lives, the struggles that this disease brings. And, although I try not to dwell on fears this disease can bring, the thoughts do sometimes flicker across my mind. I wonder how parents with small children can possibly manage the innumerable variables that seem to thwart optimal control. I wonder when my fingertips will heal from the 10+ fingersticks per day. I wonder how my uncle is doing after donating a kidney to my dad, and am continually grateful for the gift he gave. I worry about my dad's eyes. I wonder if complications are silently attacking me, weakening my nerves or pestering my own kidneys. I wonder what it would be like to do a race without fear that my blood sugar could bottom out unexpectedly.

My hope is that through research efforts funded by the JDRF, no one will wonder these things anymore.

If you would like to donate and feel you have the means to do so, please go to my JDRF page at I'll continue to give periodic updates here on my training.

Oh, and did I mention that donations are 100% tax-deductible?


Jenny said...

Hi I saw your headline on Allison's blog. Just wanted to say Hi and I'm signed up for my 2nd Ride to Cure Diabetes. I did Death Valley last May with my dad (and raised $11,100 and now am doing the October Death Valley Ride. I don't think it seems like you've done one before, but oh my gosh you are going to have a blast! It is such an amazing experience - I think the best weekend of my life maybe, at least in the top 10. If you want to email me, my address is .
Peace out,

Anne said...

Thanks, Jenny. I am sure I will be in touch once the fund-raising really gets rolling. I have never done one of the JDRF rides, or any fund-raising event like this, so I'm a little apprehensive. Way to go, raising $11,100! It sounds like you found some successful techniques.

Are you doing Death Valley again?

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Good luck Anne and you to Jenny! JDRF is really a commendable charity. I hope you are happy with your shoes!

Jenny said...

If you want some ideas, shoot me an email - I have lots! I actually have on my website "ways to donate"'s a perosnal site, not the one JDRF gives you. We acutally didn't have online fundraising last year - dark ages! I have done the JDRF walks before and this year I was a walk team mentor - I helped families with new walk teams learn how to have a team and raise money and stuff.
I am doing Death Valley again. I was bummed because last year they had a May ride and an October ride. I MUCH prefer May because I don't have school in May, but I have school in October. JDRF recommended Sonoma which is in May. I told them I won't ride unless it's Death Valley. One of my tricks was people donated just by hearing the words "bike ride" and "death valley" in the same sentence. Leave out the diabetes and just mention Death Valley and half of them donated just because they thought I was insane. I think it was cool having it be so hot, the soles of my shoes melted, it added to the challenge. I think you asid you're doiong Montana? I know a guy doing Montana. But it's great that you're going to try out a ride - I swear you're gonna be hooked!! When they find a cure, I'll have to keep doing the ride, and just give my $ to someone else or something.

jen d said...

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pumpracer said...

Hello! My name is Chad and I am doing the 2007 Death Valley Ride to Cure Diabetes Ride for the fifth time. This is my favorite ride that I do every year. I am 35 years old and I have had diabetes for about 33 of them. I have been on an insulin pump for 9 years and it has helped my riding and racing alot. I just wanted to say goodluck with your fundraising and training.

Live to Ride,