Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back in the Bay

After a long break from freezing--I mean, swimming--in the San Francisco Bay, I ventured down to Aquatic Park with another friend this morning to do a couple laps (about 2/3 mile) around the swim buoys. Fortunately, the psychotic sea lion seems to have moved on to a happier place, and the water was calm. We got in the water right before sunrise, with the morning light starting to lighten up the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands to our west. I doggie-paddled out to the first buoy and tested the water on my face with a few strokes. The water was worse than uncomfortable; I would actually describe it as downright painful. I've been swimming in the Bay countless times, but it takes a bit of mental adjustment the first time each year. Anyway, the pain disappeared as the numbness set in, and we had a great swim. Afterwards, we warmed up with an easy 35-minute run (recovery week!) along the water towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Mornings like I had today are what keep me paying my premium living expenses--aka my "San Francisco Club" dues! Bay swimming, biking and running are all free (well, aside from the $$ that disappears into the black hole otherwise known as Sports Basement), so I feel like I am somehow offsetting some of the other exaggerated expenses from living here.

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Shane and Becca said...

Anne, it's good you take advantage of being in the club--swimming in the bay, running and biking all over town...you do it all!