Thursday, May 17, 2007

In the Thick of It

Things are getting busy! Last weekend I completed my first 112-mile bike ride followed by an 18-mile run the next day. Both went well, and I was a bit surprised that my body seemed to hold up through the long workouts. We rode up in Napa along the Silverado Trail to Calistoga and back, twice. It's a great place to ride, since it's mostly flat or rolling, with very tame hills compared to what we usually ride. I used Perpetuem again, using 6 scoops (total of 162 g carbs and about 780 calories) for the whole ride and also ate about 1 gel per hour. I set my basal rates to my race day profile and programmed in a bolus for the Perpetuem. My BG's were riding a little high but I was able to keep them stable through the use of my Dexcom. My strategy this time was to eat when I saw it falling and then wait a bit as the BG started to rise. I need to go back and look at the numbers, and I should also download the data from the Dexcom.

I also used the Dexcom on the run the next day, and things went well. Maybe I will try and use the thing during the race, after all. I seem to have problems with it coming out of the swims, though, even when I use the shower patches, and I don't want to waste a lot of time fiddling around with it. I have a swim-bike workout this weekend so I'll try it out then.

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Bernard said...


Do you have a copy of that CGM booklet I blogged about the other day?

It may be of some help.

I was surprised that Dexcom didn't automatically give it to all users of the system.