Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick Update from Coeur d'Alene

Since my laptop seems to have died, I am sitting here at the hotel computer, bike helmet on, ready to go for one last 10-15 minute ride before I turn in the bike tomorrow. The race begins 7 AM Sunday at the beach pictured here at Lake Coeur d'Alene. Conditions look great except for the swim. The water has been very choppy and is expected to remain so through the race. After two swim sessions, I am feeling more confident, and will be happy to get out in anything less than the swim time cutoff (which is 2:30).

Today, we drove the bike course and it seems reasonable--nothing harder than riding in Marin County. There are long flat stretches and also stretches with rolling hills and moderate, albeit short, climbs. The run course wraps around the lake, with beautiful views, and has very moderate grades at most. I think there are a couple of short hills, but nothing too serious!

We have a banquet tonight and a mandatory athlete meeting, for last-minute rules & instructions. We're getting down the wire! I am nervous and excited and have had a lot of difficulty falling asleep. My BG's have been through the roof but I am finally getting a grip--the taper period is always hard for me. I just continue to underestimate how much my insulin requirements jump when I'm exercising less.


Keith said...

Hope you do well Ann, we're pulling for you!

Shannon said...

Hi Ann!!

I can't wait to hear the account of your race.

I was doing my tri yesterday too!

I hope you did well and that diabetes didn't slow you down.