Monday, February 18, 2008

Vote for Triabetes & Michelle Alswager

Here's how to vote: email with "Michelle Alswager" in the subject line.

Last summer I was contacted by Michelle, who was, at the time, trying to find 10 type 1 diabetics interested in training for and racing Ironman Wisconsin 2008. This has evolved into the Triabetes project and the documentary and research are already underway. Evotri is holding a video contest on people who have given to the triathlon/endurance sport community--I can't think of a more deserving person than Michelle. See the video below on Triabetes and vote today! Voting ends Wednesday so vote now if you can. And spread the word.

From Michelle:
The quick and dirty first:
I'm asking all of you to vote for my video entry and passing this email on to EVERYONE you know by sending an email to with MICHELLE ALSWAGER in the subject line by Wednesday. [From evotri:] As we're expecting a deluge of voting, for efficiency purposes emails will not be opened. You may only vote once, multiple votes from the same email address will not be counted.

The long winded part: has a contest simply asking "why do you do triathlons and what do you bring back to the endurance community?" A friend of mine encouraged me to film a short video (thank you Andiamo Productions!) about my work on the Triabetes project - bringing together 12 type 1 athletes to complete Ironman Wisconsin and film a documentary. The project will also study the effect the process has on their bodies, giving much needed information to coaches, nurses, schools, and doctors about the diabetic athlete.

Also, if you have ANY way to promote it for me, please do! Thank you thank you!

You can watch my entry on (mine is the first one! Alphabetical counts today!). Yes, don't even comment: when I filmed it I had the flu and a temperature of 103 so don't tell me how terrible I look!!!!!

Please please please take a moment to vote for me and please please please take a moment to forward the email to friends, family colleagues. Triabetes and DIABETES will get some sweet exposure (and I could win a new bike to do my Ironman this year!!!!)

Thanks to all of you for supporting me!

:)Michelle-- "Triabetes will revolutionize the way people approach diabetes."Inspire. Educate. Explore.

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