Friday, July 18, 2008

A Few Ramblings...

Good luck to everyone racing in Lake Placid this weekend! Ed Liebowitz will be doing his first Ironman. Go Ed!! I also have a slew of friends from San Francisco racing; many of them helped me to get started with triathlon in the first place, and a couple even came to cheer on Jill and myself this past June in Coeur d'Alene. Good luck! Some race numbers to keep an eye on: 2550, 1377, 683, 286, 598, 2108, 859, 254, 416, and 341! I hope I didn't miss anyone. And if you have a chance to come across #683, check out his calves--they're legendary! You can follow the action live on Sunday at

I'll be catching the race in the afternoon after I do the Vineman 70.3 race up in Sonoma County. I was on the waiting list and got off so I am in! I've raced the course twice before and done many training rides up there, so it will be a familiar route for me. Sunday will be four weeks post IMCDA so the race will be a good test on how my recovery is going. I feel pretty good other than the fact that my weight bounced up several pounds within days of Ironman and has been fluctuating a lot since then. My first 80-mile ride was pretty painful but I felt pretty decent riding 90 last weekend with a short run after. I am starting to think that I have recovered after all; because of my experience last year, I had been sort of expecting a sudden disintegration in energy and motivation at any moment! Having the motivation to race with my Triabetes teammates in September has been very helpful this time around.

And if you are riding in Sausalito in the next few weeks, be careful at the intersections and crosswalks. The police there have nothing better to do than to conduct stings to ticket cyclists who don't stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. I had heard about this before and stopped quickly at a crosswalk when I saw a pedestrian on the other side of the road put one foot onto the road. The guy riding behind me a little bit (and to the side) continued through and was given a ticket. I hope they do stings for cars, too.

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