Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day Today!

Today is the annual commemoration of World Diabetes Day. One of the goals of this event is to raise awareness about diabetes in the developing world. The International Diabetes Federation has a program, "Life for a Child," to help children in developing countries gain access to insulin, blood glucose testing and diabetes medical care. Another goal of World Diabetes Day is to educate people on the warning signs of diabetes; catching diabetes early can help to delay and possibly significantly reduce complications. I have heard of many instances where type 1 diabetes was missed in infants, almost until it was too late. Read about the warning signs of diabetes and more about the IDF mission here. I should note that type 2 diabetes usually has different warning signs than type 1. Know them, especially if you are at higher risk.

As part of WDD, many monuments and buildings around the world are being lit up in blue. The Civic Center will be lit up in San Francisco today around 5:00 PM.

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Sam said...

I am not yet participating in world diabetes day. But in coming day i will organize diabetes awareness activity. Thank you