Saturday, December 13, 2008

Triabetes 2009

The day before the big race, September 6, 2008 (courtesy of Blair Ryan)

When Peter Nerothin asked me whether I'd like to continue with Triabetes in 2009, I knew the answer was inevitably "Yes." A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of reuniting with some friends from this year and meeting the new Triabetes team captains for 2009, as we volunteered for Ironman Arizona 2008 and signed up for the 2009 race. We have another group of amazing people, including some first-time triathletes coming from various athletic backgrounds as well as others who have already completed Ironman races. Okay, and I have to admit that I am pretty impressed by Seb, who decided to do an Ironman after CLIMBING MOUNT EVEREST! I remember when a woman spoke to our high school class and told us how she had lost a toe or two to frostbite climbing Mt. Everest, and that pretty much sealed the deal for me not doing it. I love the mountains and I love a good challenge but worrying about my insulin freezing on the top of a mountain that birds can hardly fly over (have you seen the Planet Earth episode on that?) seems pretty tough. As Seb said about the prospect of an Ironman, he is pretty good about dealing with blood sugar issues "under adverse conditions." Enough said!

Each teammate brings a unique background and I am honored to be training with all of them. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to continue with Triabetes to help support other diabetics in their desires to live active lives. I hope to stay connected to the 2008 crew as Triabetes continues to expand and reach more lives. If you or anyone you know with diabetes wants to get involved with Triabetes, it is now open to triathletes and wanna-be triathletes of all abilities and for all triathlon distances, and I would encourage anyone interested to sign up on the Triabetes website.

Triabetes 2009 Team Captains after signing up for Ironman Arizona 2009. We're committed now!

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Kevin said...

Glad you rejoined the team Anne. It will be good to have you as a sort of mentor =)