Thursday, April 16, 2009

At last!

first ride
"Hallelujah!" was the thought running through my mind as I rode my bike last Tuesday for the first time in 10 weeks. And, actually, this was my first ride on my new bike, which was an incredibly generous & timely gift from an "anonymous benefactor." The new yet-to-be named bike had rested quietly in my bedroom, reminding me that being patient through my recovery would be worth it. I had my bike fitting early in the morning in Mill Valley, and then took off, a little hesitantly at first, to try out one of the classic area rides--the Paradise Loop. This route loops around the Tiburon Peninsula, and is mostly rolling hills and flat, with one longer climb at the beginning, depending on how you start. I was wondering, "Would I make it up El Camino okay?" "Could I last the whole distance?" "Would my clavicle become too sore?" I am using a new type of Speedplay pedals (Zero) for this bike, which are a bit more stiff to get into. But I was determined to give it a shot. I ate half of a PureFit bar and was on my way. The hill was not too bad, and the descent was okay, although I felt a little rusty on my cornering skills and I was on the brakes more than usual. But with a short stop for photos in Tiburon, I finished the ride feeling pretty good, all things considered. More than anything, I was happy--so happy--to be outside riding again, and riding my new bike in particular. My cousin, a cellist who had a devastating injury to her elbow at a crucial point in her college career, advised me that the best therapy she had was to just play her cello. And for me, after one week of being back "out there," I couldn't agree more.

another weekend ride


Mike Fraser said...

Rock on! Good for you. I could only wish for such scenic ocean views on a long ride here in Tennessee.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I was so excited to see you back out there - that is great!

I imagine that it is so hard to be patient. So hard.

rachel said...


I got knocked down by a nasty cold the past week and couldn't exercise - driving me nuts. I can't imagine being at your athletic level and being knocked down for months.

Lyrehca said...


Ironbolus said...

Sounds like I've missed alot in my quest for higher education! Glad to hear you recovered well from the crash - must have felt great to get back out there!

Ali Rae said...

Where did you get your bike fitting done Anne? My knee is not quite ready for cycling, but I want to be ready when my physical therapist says go!

Glad you enjoyed your Paradise Loop ride!