Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Word of Thanks

Triabetes is lucky to have some fantastic sponsors for 2009; the full list can also be seen at the Triabetes website. Their steadfast support of Triabetes has allowed us to continue to grow upon last year's success with a new group of Ironman athletes(-in-training), and to expand the team to include all triathletes with diabetes. In fact, this year, Triabetes was recognized by USAT, the governing body of triathlon, as an official triathlon team. Membership has been opened to athletes of all levels--from beginners to the very experienced--and distances (i.e., you don't have to do an Ironman to join Triabetes!) Join here! I'm the team captain for Northern California and Tahoe regions and would particularly love to have some local teammates.

Some of the sponsors that I have the most experience with, and can whole-heartedly support, are Diabetes Training Camp, PureFit Nutrition Bars, Polar, RoadID, Vitalyte, Thorlo Socks, TriSports, SweetSpot and Spibelt, and I very much look forward to becoming more familiar with the others--Kestrel bikes, Giro, Fluid, and diaTribe. Another sponsor is the TriFest in Tucson, which I had to miss due to my bike accident. Individuals at these companies have really reached out to Triabetes, often on a personal level. Of course a huge thank-you is extended to LifeScan OneTouch for their title sponsorship in 2008, which made it possible to continue with the documentary.


jpnairn said...

Great post, Anne. I am also very grateful to all of our sponsors. You've inspired me to say so on my blog some time in the future.

Chow and Chatter said...

Hi Anne just found your blog doing a piece on running with diabetes for running times, was wondering if you would like to be interviewed
I am a fellow blogger, dietitian and writer


thanks hope to hear from you