Thursday, February 04, 2010

Beyond Belief

I am so incredibly saddened to share that Jesse Alswager, who inspired not only his mother Michelle, but countless others in the diabetes community, passed away last night.  Michelle was tireless in her efforts to support finding a cure for type 1 diabetes, and in showing people with diabetes that they could live full and happy lives.  Jesse was 13 years old, and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 years ago in March.  He was loved by all who knew him.

More information will be forthcoming but I believe that in lieu of flowers, a memorial fund will be set up.  If you would like to email condolences for Michelle and her family, you can send them to an email that I set up:  I will make sure they are delivered to Michelle.

I have just heard that funeral services may be happening Monday in Madison, Wisconsin, although this has not been confirmed.  I will post more details as they become available.

From Sean Busby:  "If it was not for my hero Jesse, Riding on Insulin Snowboarding Camps would have been a fling. Jesse and Michelle were my diabetes support system and the reason of making Riding on Insulin go global. Jesse inspired so many and has helped so many children and adults that suffer from diabetes. His mother is an amazing fighter and she fought along side of Jesse for everyone that has type 1 diabetes - in his name. Our sky will now shine brighter now as we have a new star in the sky. He is loved and missed tremendously."

Note: I should re-emphasize that funeral plans are tentative and have NOT been confirmed yet.

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Sasha said...

OHHH! he was such a good friend of mine in kindergarten through 5th grade!!!!!!
im crying, i havent seen him for two years!!! its--- its not beleivable!!!!! how could this have happpened???????