Saturday, June 25, 2011

ISCorp Downer Classic

We are off to Madison early in the morning, but I thought I'd update quickly on my blood glucose victory in today's race.  Yesterday, I came down a bit low after breakfast, and then turned my basal rate down to +15% (vs +30%), and ate a gel on the line, and finished around 300.  Today I tried the same thing but was able to head off the low with a granola bar and a few Dex 4 tabs, and then left my basal rates at +30%.  I hesitated but decided to go ahead with the gel again, about 10 minutes before the race start.  This race was a fun course, with a sharp turn at corner 2 but two long straightaways which helped me to move around more.  I spent some time at the front and also too much time in the wind again, but was felt more comfortable overall adjusting to stuff in the pack and was able to test out my sprint at the end.  Following our 30-minute race, I checked the Dexcom and saw 110 with a steady arrow.  I had gone up a bit from my pre-race 140 but settled down during the course of the race.  Victory!  So for the record, today I had my basals up 30% all morning (1 hour before breakfast onwards) and changed my carb ratio from 1:15 to 1:11 and my correction factors by 10 points.  I rode around a lot more today and hence had a couple bad lows in the evening.  I also did an easy ride yesterday late afternoon, so perhaps that also had an effect.

I stuck around to watch the rest of my team race in the P1/2/3 race in the afternoon, and enjoyed cycling a bit along Lake Michigan.  The atmosphere at the race today was downright festive, with lots of local people filling the, sidewalks.

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