Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Okay, Don't Blame the Syringes

Well, after my recent post quetioning why syringes these days seem so wimpy, I have reconsidered and now agree with others who suggest that it may be the rubber top on the Symlin that is the cause of the problem. I think it is thicker than that on insulin vials and it seems to dull the needle even with one pass-through. Amylin Pharmaceuticals may want to consider a re-design on that, since anyone using Symlin would be using the same syringes as they use for insulin. One may assume Type 1's are impervious to pain but I, for one, still cringe whenever I get the flu shot. Ouch! And let's make things as painfree as possible, no? There's enough needle-poking and blood-letting going on already.

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