Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dave Shack, Ironman Extraordinaire!

Triabetes team member Dave Shack was featured in an article in the New York Times today. Check it out here and be sure to listen to the audio on the left side. It has been great getting to know Dave and his family over the past year. It took me many years of running and a couple years of triathlon to get the courage to sign up for my first Ironman; Dave tackled it all in one year of training. Congrat's, Dave!

Note: I thought I would add a note for those who may be interested in supporting Triabetes. You can currently do so through the Triabetes website here. If you are associated with a business that may be interested in sponsoring Triabetes, you can send a note.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne I met you last week at Ucsf and checked out How do you set your onetouch mini on your handlebar? Neat trick