Monday, January 19, 2009

Ride through Marin

After puttering around this morning, I finally made it out the door for my ride through Marin County today. My plan was to start in Mill Valley, and do a loop through Nicasio, Point Reyes Station, and then head south on Highway 1 to Stinson Beach. From there, I would climb up Panoramic Highway and head back down to Mill Valley.

After my recent tune-up to my bike, I was surprised that the shifting was still acting up and by the time I reached Ross, I couldn't get the bike to shift to the big chain ring. The guys at Paradigm Cycles in San Anselmo quickly diagnosed the problem as a frayed cable, ready to snap completely. Yikes! They were able to make the repair in less than 30 minutes while I had a nice chicken salad at a cafe across the street. I was very happy that they were able to do this repair on the spot, and I was back on the road in about 40 minutes, with much snappier shifting. Thanks!

I continued my ride as planned and enjoyed the warm day. I stopped here and there to take pictures. My goal was to go for an easy ride but if I'd really been serious about it, I wouldn't have chosen to ride through Stinson. I just couldn't resist with the clear weather! More pictures can be seen at my flickr site here.

The blood sugars behaved. I ate about 1 gel per hour and left my basal rate at 100%. My blood sugars were all between 89 and 115; I checked about once an hour. I had taken 0.5 units for a bar I ate right before riding, and another unit for the chicken salad (which had some carbs in it); I was worried that the 1 U might do me in but it seemed to work out pretty well. I don't usually exercise in the afternoon, so it was a bit of a guess.


chris bishop said...

Sounds like a Good ride. I was born and raised in San Rafael but livin in Kansas City Now. Make me miss the bay area.

Shane and Becca said...

Wish I could've been with you! miss you!

Ironbolus said...

Glad to hear it's still going well! Just got my freestyle navigator, day 1 of wearing it and I'm loving it.

Hopefully I'll get to read your blog a bit more frequently again!