Monday, October 23, 2006

Symlin Begins...

Well, sort of. I honestly haven't dared use it yet. I read so much about the side effects, and potential for severe hypoglycemia, that I am looking for that "perfect" time to start. That time is not tonight, since I really need some good sleep and I don't want to be nauseated/vomiting for who knows how long. And my Dexcom is recalibrating for the next two hours so I wouldn't have that added protection against severe lows. Tomorrow is the day, I think. Breakfast is my trouble meal, anyway.

The great news is that my doctor worked some magic with my HMO and when I went to pick up the Symlin from the pharmacy for the second time last week, I only had to pay my regular prescription drug co-pay. I was fairly dumb-founded but decided to pay politely and make no fuss. I was already formulating my angry letter regarding their denial of coverage for my Dexcom, but now I am feeling more friendly towards them. Maybe they were just trying to butter me up! Hmm... At any rate, I was very surprised and happy!

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MileMasterSarah said...

awesome that the insurance came through for you. I've been using symlin for almost 11 months now. It is really really helpful for breakfast. I didn't start having severe lows with symlin until I was using it for some time. Good luck!