Saturday, January 26, 2008

Workout Report: 60-mile ride

Here's the summary of Saturday's ride on the Peninsula. The course was mostly flat, with some gradual hills. When I woke up and saw that the forecast rain was holding off, I was out the door as quickly as possible. My experiment for this ride would be to see what happens if I actually bolus (even a little) for everything I eat. I was using a 50-65 g carb to 1 U insulin ratio for bolusing.
  • 7:30 AM--90, basal rate 0.525 U/hr
  • 7:57 AM--banana, 0.4 U
  • 8:14 AM--0.25 U
  • 8:37 AM--237, start ride
  • 9:00 AM--basal rate 0.425 U/hr
  • 9:37 AM--179, chocolate GU, 0.4 U
  • 10:25 AM--221
  • 10:53 AM--170, apple Hammergel, 0.4 U
  • 11:37 AM--147, granola bar (20 g carb), 3 gummy worms, 0.3
  • 12:10 PM--136
  • 12:18 PM--129, pump off 1/2 hour
  • 12:41 PM--89, berry GU
  • 12:48 PM--pump back on, basal rate 0.425 U/hr
  • 1:02 PM--finish ride
  • 1:23 PM--142
  • 1:56 PM--93
  • 2:30 PM--60
The most curious aspect to me of this ride was how quickly my BG fell after I finished riding. I usually try to eat within one hour of finishing a long workout; even so, I don't recall falling like this recently. In the past, I have not so aggressively bolused for food while riding, so perhaps I had more insulin on board at the end of the ride.

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Wingman said...

After exercise any insulin your system is going to be more active - is .425 u/hr your usual basal rate? The gu would have been out of your system in about 25 minutes and the 143 at the end of your ride would be due to the digestion of that granola bar (takes a while since it's a solid) - so when you were done riding your muscles were searching for sugar to recover and made your system extra sensitive to insulin. Therefore the basal of .425 would "include" a bolus of .3 or .4 making you go low.