Thursday, January 24, 2008

Workout Report: 60-min trainer

I'm going to start including some BG reports from workouts when I can. These are mostly so I can keep track of what is going on, and maybe can generate some discussion on better ways to manage BG's during various types of workouts.

Here are some stats from this morning's trainer ride:
  • 6:31 AM: 182, 0.4 U correction (conservative since I was planning to exercise soon), basal rate 0.525 U/hr
  • 7:55 AM: ate one vitamin (4g carbs), start trainer workout, easy to moderate intensity
  • 7:58 AM: 170
  • 8:22 AM: 177, 0.25 U correction
  • 8:55 AM: finish workout, average HR 139, max HR 157, average cadence 91
  • 8:59 AM: 165
I decreased all of my basal rates the other day because I was having a lot of lows. I'm not convinced that they are set correctly yet, though.

For those who haven't been sucked into the world of cycling or triathlon--a trainer is a device that turns a regular bike into a stationary bike, and is great for rainy days (like today). The rear wheel is locked in place against a flywheel, giving resistance, which is adjusted by changing gears.

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