Friday, January 25, 2008

Workout Report: swim/run brick

Last night at the gym I ran out of test strips and, thinking I was low, ate an extra gel. Well, I wasn't low and this set off a late night rollercoaster. But, things should be better today. Here are the workout details:
  • 2:56 AM--39, ate 20 g gel, 1/2 banana and ~20 g Skittles (still felt low); had a hard time falling asleep after
  • 3:00 AM--basal rate 0.525 U/hr
  • 5:06 AM--214, didn't correct
  • 5:40 AM--started swimming, no food since I had plenty at 3 AM; took the swim easy because right shoulder is bugging me a little
  • 6:30 AM--stopped swimming
  • 7:11 AM--141, ate one 20 g gel (chocolate GU, my favorite!)
  • 7:16 AM--started running, average HR 157; couldn't test during the run because it was raining (with a little hail mixed in? Brr!), flat route
  • 8:12 AM--stopped running
  • 8:17 AM--249, glad I didn't eat an extra gel on the run even though I was feeling low
During the run, I felt low in my head (a little light-headed) but my arms were a little achy and tight, which usually (but not always) indicates high blood sugar. Since I hadn't had any recent boluses, and had eaten a gel right before running, I figured I was probably not low. Also, I was able to keep my pace up. I'm glad I was right!

The traffic was horrendous coming back from the pool! It's like people forgot how to drive in the rain. But it's been raining for the past 3 weeks. What's up, people?

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Wingman said...

When I'm extra tired I often get confused between low and sleepy while working out. So you couldn't test in the rain? For some reason this terrifies me (you also have to teach me how to test while still running!)