Sunday, May 11, 2008

How's Your Humalog?

Has anyone noticed a recent change in the way your Humalog is being absorbed? Or has anyone had a change in the way your Humalog is absorbed over some period of time? Of course there are a million explanations for anything in diabetes but Humalog just doesn't seem to be working for me the way it used to--it takes a very long time to start acting (at least an hour usually) and seems to accumulate and then hit me later on in the day (by pump or by injection). I assume it's just me but I've had one other friend report the same thing in the past few weeks. I've used Lilly insulin since day 1 and it has been great but I am considering switching over to Novolog or Apidra. I've tried to rule out all of the usual suspects (pump problems, stress etc.) It could also be that I'm paying a lot closer attention so am more finicky about getting rid of those highs.


Wingman said...

I've been having some weird issues at lunch (resistant highs) although I eat the same freaking thing every day. Might be a chance in the seasons or amped up work outs - I use novolog though.

Wingman said...

If only NYC had burritos as tasty as the ones you can find in the mission district!!!! It is pretty much the one food that New York can't get quite right.

Scott said...

You might consider the fact that some vials of Humalog are not actually made by Eli Lilly and Company, but outsourced to a third-party contract manufacturer in McPherson, KS: Hospira, Inc.'s "One 2 One Contract Manufacturing Services" (known previously as Abbott Laboratories' One2One Global Pharmaceutical Services which was spun-off as an independent company in 2004) -- see the FDA documentation here for details). I don't care what anyone says: its NOT the same product when another company makes it; there are far too many variables, from temperatures maintained in the bioreactors to quality control processes on the factory floor which can influence the end-product. For that reason, you might consider another product like Novolog or Apidra; so far, neither Novo Nordisk nor Sanofi Aventis has FDA-approval to outsource the manufacture of their insulin!