Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thorlo Socks Rule

Have you tried Thorlo socks? I am not trying to turn my blog into anything even remotely commercial but I just am sincerely grateful for Thorlo's support of the Triabetes project. As part of their sponsorship, they shipped us each a nice package of Thorlo socks of our choice. At first I thought, "These socks are thicker than what I wear and I might not like them." But I was wrong! They have the right amount of thickness (a little more cushioning on the bottom yet still thinner on the top) for the styles that I got, and they are very comfortable for those long (or short) runs. They have definitely become my preferred running sock. I also have word that the people who own the company sincerely care about feet and wouldn't want to sell you a sock that might compromise your foot health. When I ordered a fun pair of ultra-thin socks for skiing (to fit my boots), they were concerned and double-checked that I really wanted them, since they might be a little rough on my feet. Thanks for the socks, thanks for supporting Triabetes, and thanks for caring so much about feet!

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Shane and Becca said...

Here, here! I've had the same pair of thorlo ski socks for the last 8 years and am a believer! I'll have to try out the running version.