Saturday, May 24, 2008

Workout Report

By the way I do these for my own future reference or in the off chance that it might help someone else! Today we swam 1.2 miles in the Bel Marin Keys, which was fantastic and highly recommended. Following that, we rode about 93 miles through Marin, somehow having a mostly flat(ish) ride. Well, flatter ride might be more correct. Anyway, I remember being in my aerobars a lot which says something. I tried using the pump/Levemir combo that was suggested by Sarah F. on the Insulinfactor list. Also I took a lot more insulin for my breakfast (almost 1 U Humalog per 10 g instead of 15 g carbs). I still shot up a bit on the bike but held steady until we took a 20-minute break midway and then I got a flat a short time later. I need to keep moving when I am eating 250-300 calories per hour! Next time I might keep my low basal rate going on the pump a few more hours. I also have to be fairly aggressive with bolusing right after or even a little before I finish a workout like this. I think my body is still churning out the juice (aka glycogen) and doesn't realize I've stopped! Well, and that huge burrito didn't help matters. My BG has cruised on down to a nice 133 now by the way. I think it's still cruising on down...

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