Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ironman Wisconsin Count-Down

As I recover from a whirlwind work trip to Sapporo, Japan, I am already preparing to fly out to Madison for this weekend's big event. I am excited, and nervous, wondering how my last week of travel will affect my performance on Sunday. My blood sugars are slowly re-adjusting to the 16-hour time difference here and will be challenged by yet another 2-hour time change tomorrow. I am in taper mode and have bumped up the rates; still, I have noticed especially that my overnight basal rates are killing me with low BG and my afternoon BG's are too high. Get back with the program, body! We're not in Japan anymore! I am hopeful that this will not cause big problems, but I feel like making it through the swim on Sunday may be a bit of a guessing game, and that makes me nervous. Once I'm out of the water, I will be very relieved, especially if I can manage to keep my BG's <250 during the first couple hours of the ride. That would be a unique IM experience for me. I do have some careful records from before and during IMCDA and some more recent workout records to help guide me, and feel like my nutrition/hydration approach from IMCDA should also work well this time around.

For those interested, very cool Triabetes "IronFan" T-shirts are available from Michelle Alswager. Check out her blog for more details. We are also trying to put together some live tracking in addition to that available on ironman.live. Check out triabetes.org or the "Triabetes 2008" group on facebook for more information! (You can also join the facebook group if you'd like updates.)


Shane and Becca said...

GO ANNE! We'll be thinking of you Sunday!

Ed said...

Good luck Anne! Sorry for not keeping in better touch - Darden has been kicking my ass a bit.

I know you'll do great - go triabetes!