Monday, September 29, 2008

Riding along Ridgecrest in Triabetes gear

Here's a picture from the race on Saturday, which the race photographers sold for a reasonable $4.50. (Hello triathlon photographers! How do you justify your ridiculous prices? Ironman Wisconsin high res images are currently $35 each whereas photos for this race were $15 for high-res and a reasonable $4.50 for a lower-res version. I know it's an Ironman but come on...)

As you can see, September is a pretty dry month in California. I was reflecting on how green San Francisco is year-round and had to admit that I guess I am okay with all the fog after all, and that I suppose it is better than getting rained on all the time. I just love wearing my Triabets jersey, which reminds me... Is there anyone out there that would be interested in purchasing a bike jersey if they were made available? Just wondering.

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Lesley, Tim & Ty Anderson said...

If you're selling jerseys, I'll buy one for Tim...I really dislike his bike jerseys and would be happy to help hiim "lose" his old ones.