Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cure Diabetes Now! (please)

I am tremendously grateful that diabetes, including type 1 diabetes, has received so much attention and that diabetes care continues to improve. And I am sincerely grateful that having diabetes does not prevent me from participating in activities that bring me joy. I am blessed in many, many ways, and know things could be much worse.

But sometimes, I just ache inside and impatiently cry out for a cure. When I was diagnosed in 1988, I was told, "5, 10 years at the most." I try to assume it will not happen in my lifetime, so I am not disappointed. But sometimes it seems so tantalizingly close.

Cure it now! Please.


In Search Of Balance said...

This makes me so sad, and I agree, completely.

Scott K. Johnson said...


Carol said...

Guess I never really have held out real hope for a cure in my lifetime, so don't feel much disappointment that it has not come. But if it did, I think everyone in the OC should take some of the money that we would have spent on diabetes care, hop on a plane to say Maui, and have one heck of a party!

Wingman said...

Perhaps my perspective is different - I have yet to consider a cure is even a possibility, only that management will become easier with better technology.

Thanks for the tips on eating and the pump! I'm still eating as healthy as I can - the movie popcorn was just a treat after a few long weeks.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

YES, NOW! Sorry you are having a hard time currently. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I was thinking about your last entry - it is totally impossible to ALWAYS calculate everything right. We can neither pre-guess to 100% what our body will do and we are living a life, we do not live in a contolled scientific lab setting! But hej, who would want to live in that lab setting! SO GIVE US THE CURE NOW!

Bernard said...


I was diagnosed in 1972 and my parents were told the same thing. If you look for "insulin is not a cure" across the blogs you'll see lots of us feel the same way about it.

This is the main reason why I'm doing my bike ride. If I succeed at my goals, in two years I'll have collected enough money to pay for several months of one researcher. And they might be the researcher who cracks the code.

Being more realistic, I still have hopes a cure will be found before I croak.

Though what the cure might be is interesting to think about. Would I be trading insulin for some happy pill that I take just once - THAT would be a real cure. I'll bet the reality is that I trade insulin for some alternate medicine that I can take without fear of highs, lows, or complications. Now I'd be happy with that also.

Diabetic Runnergirl said...

I was diagnosed in 1987 and told the same thing about a cure. I really believed it back then, and tried to raise as much money for research as I could. I've become a lot more negative in my attitude about a cure being found during my lifetime, and my fundraising efforts have slacked off because of it.

Also, I really enjoyed reading about your Ironman experience - thanks for writing about it in so much detail!