Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Velcro is better than duct tape

Before my Ironman race, I decided I needed to be able to mount my meter on my bike in a way that would make testing without stopping possible. Others had suggested using velcro, so I stopped by the local hardware store after one of my warmup rides and bought a couple feet of it in this fabulous red color. It matched my bike but also went along with the whole blood-letting theme of testing blood. (Sorry to be gory but, hey, I see a lot of blood so I can joke about it right?) I wasn't sure what the best configuration would be so I covered this Ultra Mini meter on 3 sides. I also covered a bottle of test strips and the lancing device; the lancing device that comes with the Ultra Mini is nice and compact. During the ride, I found that placing the meter on my aerobar as shown in this picture was the easiest way to keep things steady. I also stuck some velcro inside my bento box in order to secure the test strips and lancing pen when I was riding. I didn't want a repeat experience of losing either during a ride. The best time to test, I've found, is when riding uphill; I don't lose as much time as I would during a flat section and testing while going 25+ MPH doesn't seem safe to me. I've pretty much mastered the technique of testing while running, and imagine that with more practice, testing while riding will be just as easy.

When not testing, I placed my meter here in a more aerodynamic position. I'm not sure if it really makes a big difference but at least I can't blame my BG meter for coming in 20 seconds too slow! (I'll blame the red velcro fuzz on my aerobar for that!) When I'm not racing, I can also put the meter in the bento box between testing. I tested my BG nearly 40 times the day of the Ironman race, including 12 times on the bike, and was very happy with my arrangement. Oh and by the way, I bought 2 of these Ultra Mini's for $15 each at Walgreen's before I left for Idaho. They were on sale, but are still usually pretty cheap. Of course, no test strips were included.


Marcus Grimm said...

Very cool set-up! Would love to know more about how you handle/carry/test on long runs, too!


Anonymous said...

My friend sent me your link -- ha, I use velcro too! Velcro on the meters and velcro on the lancing device.

I need to test while I'm swimming, though. :)

Jen Alexander

Shane and Becca said...

Anne, you are so very handy.