Friday, July 20, 2007

Wake up!

It is 5 AM and I am awake now. The reason? No, I did not get up to swim today... The Bay Area was greeted this morning with a moderate 4.2 earthquake, centered 2 miles ENE of Oakland. I woke up to sounds of creaking and rattling and felt my bed shaking--it didn't feel strong enough to cause any damage. Still somewhat new to California, I still get a little anxious about earthquakes. I guess what makes me nervous is that these small ones could lead to something much bigger. It is another reminder that I should make sure I have enough supplies (food, insulin, etc.) in case services are disrupted by a more major event.

Now I have one choice facing me: try to get back to sleep or go swimming...Let's give sleep another shot, eh?

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George said...

I have lived in California all of my life and I still get freaked out about earthquakes.

Ever since I was very little, I keep hearing about the "Big One" that is coming. Now I live in fear. :(