Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Still Doing the Ride

Fundraising for the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes took a temporary backseat during my Ironman training, but I am now increasing my efforts to raise money for the JDRF through this September's Ride in Whitefish, Montana.

Trivia: Hammer products, such as Hammergel and Perpetuem, particularly useful for athletes with diabetes, happen to be made in Whitefish. At least, that's what the labels say. Yay Hammer! So if you like Hammer, you like the JDRF and want to donate to help cure diabetes? Works for me. Note to Hammer: I will still use your products even if I am cured, so there is no conflict of interest!

Please read my original post to find out why I decided to do the Ride. You can click on the JDRF Ride icons on my blog or go to my JDRF website to donate now.

Ten, or maybe eleven, reasons to donate:
1) The JDRF is one of the highest rated charities out there, looking for ways to potentially help millions of people;
2) Donating is tax-deductable;
3) When you found out a gal with diabetes could finish an Ironman, you decided you ought to at least go for a walk;
4) You are an athlete and appreciate how critical it is to manage blood glucose levels for optimal performance;
5) You have a friend whose 2-year old was just diagnosed;
6) Or, you have a friend who was just diagnosed at age 33 (it happens);
7) You learn that there are many promising avenues for a cure, that it could happen in your lifetime, and you will have played a part;
8) You just don't think a 7-year old should have to give away her Halloween candy (although her 10-year old brother would be glad to take it off her hands);
9) You wonder if your child could develop type 1 and hope that we can figure out what causes it in the first place;
10) You learned that almost everyone with type 1 diabetes develops some signs of diabetic eye disease, and that diabetes is a leading cause of blindness;
11) You sorta like Anne and just want to support her since you know she really really really hates asking for money (and you don't want her to start begging). (Did I mention that I hate asking for money?)


Wingman said...


I just came across your blog and wish I had found it sooner! I'm a 28 year old recently diagnosed Type 1 who has begun training for triathlons. My girlfriend is doing the IMLOU this summer and I had hoped to do some olympic distance events with her but I needed to figure out how to control my bs during endurance events prior to signing up for anything. I'd love to talk to you to hear how you control your bs on long rides - I just started my pump today so I'll be faced with a host of new challenges - but hopefully it helps me out during my own ride for diabetes - the tour de cure - this sunday in Manhattan.


shannon said...

You ROCK, Anne! I just finished reading your posts on the Ironman - AWESOME - so inspiring. It's amazing to me that you managed all the setbacks and finished! I could just feel your frustration.
As soon as she can read, I'm going to point my Eliana to your blog and encourage her to read it - to learn and be inspired. One more reason to donate to your cause: Because my daughter and thousands of others are inspired by your determination.

Anne said...

Thanks, Shannon and Ed!!

Shannon, I hope Eliana is doing well with her pump these days. I think of you guys often!

AliRae said...


Thanks for your friendship and support through my injury. I hope I can do the same for you. Not that you will ever have any setbacks like mine. You take care of yourself better than anyone I know!

Best always,

SkiRough said...

Ahh yes the Tour de Cure... Ed is dragging me on it tomorrow morning :)

Good luck with your fundraising. I have been too lazy to fundraise (and also feel guilty since I have already hit up my friends and coworkers TWICE for TNT) so am just coughing up the entry fee myself (ack!).

I like your top reasons list, though!

Bernard said...


Best of luck on your ride. I do love these events: fun and a chance to meet new friends.

On the Dexcom, check out Clemma's blog Comrade Dex to see some of the new graphs.

On Car Talk, did you see the nice picture of Click and Clack on my blog?