Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My arms are turning into sugar crystals

Yet again, I somehow failed to deliver the audio bolus for my pump this morning. I swear I pushed the button to confirm the 8 U bolus for my big bowl of oatmeal and a correction for a high. The high BG was, incidentally, caused by an overcorrection of a 4:30-AM 45 mg/dL BG, to which I woke up in a panic, wondering why my Dexcom did not alarm even with a reading of 61. Hmph. Oh and this is after I got to bed at 2 AM from a late night at work. I got up at 7 AM to avoid getting a ticket for my semi-legal parking job, and then dragged myself to get a tooth filling that made me wonder if it was possible to get traumatic brain injury at the dentist?

Anyway! The point is that, here I am at the computer with that super-high-BG crappy feeling because I can't seem to push a button hard enough. My arms are tight and achy and I imagine blood the consistency of honey trying to squeeze through the capillaries in my muscles. Sorry, little ones (speaking to my muscles). How mean for me to put all that sugar in plain sight with no way to get in.

I just took a massive rage bolus and will hopefully not pay for it later on. We'll see what happens first: feeling returns to my cheek, or my BG drops below 300.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Major Suckage! Sounds pretty miserable!

I'm betting that you'll start to feel your cheek WHILE experiencing a nice, slow, and steady drop back down into 100's land.

Landing at a nice and perfect 85 mg/dl with full feeling in your cheek and no bite holes from trying to eat too soon!


Anne said...

thanks. your good thoughts must have helped! I settled into a nice 100/110 BG that lasted all afternoon! How surprising!

It's amazing what insulin can do! (sometimes!!)