Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Next Up... Wildflower Long Course

Well, I pulled the tent out of the closet without too many boxes falling on my head and I found the Thermarest and the most important item for Wildflower: earplugs. I'm doing the Long Course Saturday for the 2nd time and looking forward to relatively moderate temperatures. Nothing will compare with the first year I watched Wildflower when it was well over 100--I was retreating under the shade and I wasn't even competing. I'm looking forward to meeting up with Bill C. and Peter N. and teammates on my tri team. I don't know how many athletes there are but it is in the thousands and it is one huge camping party--with the exception that most people will be in bed nice & early on Friday night.

I'm not sure if I'll go with the Levemir that I've been using or get back on my pump or do some combination; in the spirit of living on the edge, maybe I'll the ignore the (very good) advice, "Nothing new on race day!"


Shane and Becca said...

sounds kinda like woodstock, but instead of marajuana, you all probably eat sharkies.

good luck, Anne! I'll be thinking of you! The hay is in the barn!

Wingman said...

Good luck Anne! Can't wait to read your kick ass race report - Wildflower is supposed to be a blast.