Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Take a Break at Sojourner Cafe

We were definitely happy with our decision to take 101 instead of the shorter I-5 route home from Oceanside last weekend. The hills were green from recent rain and many hillsides and valleys were carpeted with violet or golden wildflowers. I don't think I have ever seen it so beautiful. One of the highlights of the trip home was stopping for a nostalgic visit back in Santa Barbara. I miss DTC! We took Bill Carlson's recommendation and stopped by Sojourner Cafe for a late lunch. For me, it is a good sign when I don't immediately eliminate 75% of a menu because the items are not well balanced or otherwise unhealthy. I'm pretty sure I would have been happy with anything I chose, but was particularly excited to see a long list of salads that were not your run-of-the-mill green salads. I opted for the Sojourner Cobb Salad, which was excellent. This is basically an athlete's (or other health conscious person's) dream restaurant--fresh ingredients with a gourmet/California/international flair prepared in a health-conscious way you would be happy to eat for lunch and dinner every day of the week! You can take a look at the menu online for now; if you ever find yourself in Santa Barbara, don't miss this place! The desserts looked pretty fabulous as well, but since I was basically going to be sitting in a car for another 5 hours, I opted for the fruit salad with cottage cheese. It was the perfect way to end the meal. Yum.

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LindaF said...

Wishing we had such a restaurant here, or if we do, that I could find it!