Monday, April 28, 2008

Pump Break

I hate to blame the pump but can't find any other likely targets, so I will be taking a break for a couple days. The timing is not ideal with Wildflower on Saturday, but I am very frustrated. I did a basal rate check this morning--no food, exercise or bolusing from last night around 8:30 PM until noon today--and everything checked out perfectly. After midnight, it was more or less a flat line, trending ever so slightly downward. But after a lunch and snack later on, using pretty much the same bolus I would normally take, my blood sugar spiked to 410 and has been very slow in coming down even with my rage bolus on board. This has been the pattern I had been experiencing in the morning and it seems to have just shifted to my first bolus of the day. Any boluses I take seem to have a 3-hour delay, like I've got some nasty Regular-NPH combo going in. (I'm on my 3rd vial of Humalog and the vial I sent back to Lilly checked out okay.) I called the customer service at Animas and they were helpful; it doesn't seem like the pump is malfunctioning in any obvious way. But I just have this feeling that I get better insulin delivery through a needle. You know what I mean? Maybe being on a pump since 1993 has created too much scar tissue. But so suddenly?? I was doing just fine until 3 weeks ago.

So I'm done with the pump for a couple days. We'll see how it goes. I need one of those insulin pens.


LindaF said...

Hmmm. Hopefully, you can learn something by taking a break. Love, your mom

Marcus Grimm said...

Definitely disconcerting heading into Wildflower - keep your chin up, though. I'm sure an answer is just around the corner.

Wingman said...

Good luck Anne. Just focus on the training for wildflower and try not to worry about the diabetic change. If I have to I'll send you out my minimed so you can use it for Wildflower!

erin said...

i have had a similir problem recently. when i lost some wieht the infusion set i was using was too long it went right through the fat on my hip and was periodically hitting muscle. so there was no pattern to my bs. changed infusion set types to a shorter one and now i'm back in that good zone, where whne i get high i can attribute it directly to something,like forgetting a bolus etc. \just a thought