Thursday, April 17, 2008

Save the Fingers!

I finally ordered the Dexcom7 and am now eagerly awaiting its arrival early next week. This should cut down on the testing I do while at work, when my blood sugars are typically very stable or dropping (as of late), and should also make things easier on the bike. During Ironman Coeur d'Alene last year, it was working well enough for me to stop using the BG meter for a couple hours. And that was the STS version--I think the 7 should be even better. Also, I am excited to be able to prevent some of the lows that I have been having lately. With the increase in exercise load, and the drop in weight, things are in constant flux. Adjusting my nighttime basal rates should be easier as well--I know from previous experience that it is possible to be decent at 2-3 AM (when I often wake up and test) and still have significant fluctuations at other times. The next hurdle will be to get some reimbursement from my insurance, which may be more difficult than my 100-mile ride on Saturday.


Marcus Grimm said...

Awesome news on the Dexcom, but YES - please keep me updated on insurance. Also curious as to what the out-of-pockets costs are without insurance?

Dying Water Buffalo said...

kick ass on the 100miler on saturday!! :)

Wingman said...

Check the basal rates 2 hours before the high starts. Great job on the ride! Glad none of those cans got stuck in your tires, did you ride faster than the cows coudl run?