Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sprinkler Fingers

Sorry for the gory title but seriously, why do I even re-poke my finger when it bleeds in 4 places when I squeeze it? This is getting ridiculous. I need to check on that Dexcom order. My fingers are not happy, even if my blood sugars are.


Wingman said...

But if you squeeze without the prick nothing opens!!!!

Actually you don't have to re-prick after a swim, I found that out in an article I read about Gary Hall.

Michelle said...

this could be an ad for dexcom. A bunch of kids running through sprinklers on a lawn and something about how summers are meant for these kinds of sprinklers... :(

Scott said...


I have to say, this was a really amusing post! Wingman (Ed) has it right ... the same thing never seems to happen without the lancing!

Scott Strumello