Saturday, April 26, 2008

A ride in Napa

Today we enjoyed a beautiful ride and run through the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma Counties. I was surprised to see wildflowers still in bloom and the hills still a nice shade of green (although that is fading now). It was a hot day--somewhere in the 80's--and it was a struggle to keep hydrated. Here's a snapshot of the diabetes-related stuff. I think that next time, I will cut back on the high basal rate an hour or less into the ride and then try to find a basal rate I can stick with for the remainder. I am trying to simplify things but am afraid I still may need to do the taper-as-I-go method for basal rates. I am trying to avoid bolusing during exercise to avoid the more sudden changes in BG that may result.

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Wingman said...

Anne - do you normally eat 3 hours before you start riding? And was that really high bs pre-ride due to the false low or do you try and start near 300?

I'm trying to move to almost all liquids on race day or for long training to help with absorption - i'm hoping that improves consistency.